cables and power connectors

Favarincavi was estabilished in 1991 and works as subcontractor, but over the years it diversified and achieved new targets, specializing also in the sale of its
tailor-made products.
Nowadays, the company boasts a manufacturing facility of 800 sqm and a long experience in the field of
cables and power connectors.
Our company serves any customer’s requests from management of small quantities to manufacturing of a wide variety of customized products.
So why choose Favarincavi?
Efficiency, quality and full satisfaction of
the customer’s request.

cables and outdoor extension cables


The “know-how” of our company, acquired in the years of collaboration with several companies in Lombardy, includes the wiring of pumps’ electric control panels, the assembly of electronics components such as inductive filters, assembly of interior lighting products and wiring of electrical cables for household appliances.

Our manufacturing production is aimed at meeting the specific requests of customers and it is our precise commitment to be able to realize any type of product with best solutions and technologies.



Materials directly provided by the customer to be assembly are submitted to rigorous checks, while final products will be tested, on demand, before delivery, to meet the specifications.